Collaborating with other professionals

I welcome collaboration with other professionals who are working in this field.

Counselors and Behavioral Therapists

I firmly believe that addiction can not be cured by a pill. My practice philosophy is to provide medication assistance for addiction treatment to those patients who are motivated and disciplined, and are enrolled with an ongoing counseling or behavior therapy program.

I encourage patients to attend Narcotics Anonymous and similar 12 step programs, church based meetings, and web based forums; … but those are not a substitute, and do not satisfy the counseling requirement of my program.

I recommend that patients should enroll with a counselor who is experienced in substance abuse counseling and have a session at least once a month for twelve months. Counseling is made optional once patient is able to reduce their dose to 4mg/day, and has not had a relapse. Patients who have a relapse need to get back into the counseling program.

Most of the programs available are intensive short term programs which in my experience are not adequate, as patients tend to have a relapse immediately after these intensive sessions are over. I have found that the results are much better if this counseling is ongoing.

Most of the patients who come to my program have been through similar programs in the past, and this is there second, or third, or fourth attempt. They have already gone through intensive counseling, and they do not seem to benefit from additional intensive counseling, and I do not insist on it.

There is no counseling service at my clinic.

There is a need for behavioral therapists and counselors in this area. If you do provide this service then please let me know about your program, and the fee schedule. I will pass this information to the patients. I serve patients who do not have health insurance, or who do not use their health insurance; so they need to know the costs upfront and budget for it.

Addiction treatment programs

Running an addiction treatment program without a means to treat withdrawal symptoms leaves patients uncomfortable and unable to concentrate on counseling; … or learn techniques to change drug seeking and drug using behavior.

Collaboration with a medical provider who can prescribe Suboxone improves the chances of success and provides an opportunity for patients to continue outpatient treatment following discharge from the program.

If you currently do not have a medical provider, or need to add additional resources to offer to your patients then please contact me. This service can be provided at your location if it is within DFW metro area.


I welcome inquiries from physicians who have spare space in their clinics. It can be few days in a month, and I will need one patient examination room. Given the limitations on the number of patients that can be treated at one time, unclear insurance coverage, and limitations on coverage that run out before treatment can be accomplished, … it is economically not viable to exclusively run this practice. Collaborating with other providers to share clinic space and administrative infrastructure may make it viable.

I welcome inquiries from physicians who want to start a Suboxone practice. I will be glad to share my experience with you and let you observe my process and procedures that will help you to develop your own program.

Suboxone Clinics

I am looking to add another location to my practice. If you have an existing practice where you are full to capacity, and have clinic space to spare for a few days in the month, then I would like to explore the possibility of opening a practice there. I am not a provider for any insurance network. I do not see Medicare, Medicaid, or any Government funded insurance patients.

Another option is to offer a collaborative program with another provider to share practice costs, and maintain independent practice.

I am also looking to provide Suboxone prescription coverage to Substance Abuse programs that do not have a provider.

If you would like to explore these options then please give me a call or send a text message to 469-693-2020.

The locations of interest to me are clinics within Dallas Fort Worth metro area.